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For Valentine’s Day: Five Elements Of A Heartfelt Love Letter

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Elizabeth White-Olsen of Writespace Houston gives us some tips on how to make your mark with a truly passionate love letter.

Wanting to do something a little different for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Elizabeth White-Olsen, founding director of Writespace, gives us the basics on writing a passionate love letter.


  1. Truthfulness. Obviously, whatever you write needs the ring of authenticity. Your lover will be able to spot insincerity.
  2. Strong verbs. Instead of words like “touch,” you could use stronger verbs like “embrace” or “caress.” Repeat as necessary.
  3. Personal touches. Put a hint of cologne or perfume on the paper. That’s something they can’t get from a text.
  4. Gift of surprise. No one writes letters anymore. The fact that you’re taking the time to write a one honors your love for them.
  5. A very passionate love. Duh.