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Blind Date: Documentary By Houston Native Details The Visually Impaired’s Search For Love

Houston native Nicole Ellis talks about her documentary, Blind Date, which will be screened at the ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival.

Houston native Nicole Ellis wrote and directed the documentary Blind Date, about the challenges the visually impaired face finding love.

Technology has transformed the way find love. Mobile apps like Tinder, and websites like OkCupid, whet our appetite for instant visual gratification. But, if you’re single and blind you face a distinct set of challenges. A digital divide has emerged between sighted and blind people in search of love.

Blind Date is a short documentary that follows three blind New Yorkers on their quests for lust and love in the digital age.

The film is by Houston native Nicole Ellis, and it will be screened at the annual ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival, which highlights films about people with disabilities. The festival runs Feb. 12-22 at the Edwards Greenway theater, and Blind Date will be shown Feb. 20.

Ellis talks with Houston Matters about her experience making the film and what she hopes others will take away from it.