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What If Grandma Was A Professional Wrestler Back In The Day?

Playwright and Houston native Alvaro Saar Rios turned his grandmother’s love of Mexican wrestling into a play called Luchadora!

A Milwaukee production of the play “Luchadora!" written by Houston native Alvaro Saar Rios.


Playwright Alvaro Saar Rios
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As a kid, Alvaro Saar Rios loved to watch Mexican wrestling with his grandmother. And she loved watching it too. So, later — in his career as a playwright — he daydreamed about an unusual idea: what if grandma used to be a wrestler when she was young?

He took that idea and combined that with elements of the Chinese folk tale of Mulan and created a play called Luchadora!

Rios, a native Houstonian who now lives and teaches in Wisconsin, is returning to Houston for performances of his play Nov. 17-19.

Houston Matters guest host Ernie Manouse talks with Rios about the play, about growing up in Houston, and about how his heritage plays into his writing.