Chamber Music

Go On A Voyage With WindSync

The local woodwind quintet presents a multimedia concert inspired by the Voyager program.

The Voyager program is an on-going project from NASA wherein two similar probes were launched into space in 1977 to gather data and images from the outer solar system and beyond. Now, 40 years after launch, WindSync is celebrating the mission with a special concert and media presentation in conjunction with the Lunar and Planetary Institute. The program will feature performances from the quintet, projected images, and even a mini-lecture by Dr. Paul Shenck.

About the program, WindSync bassonist Kara LaMoure says, “The show is kind of this cross over between science and technology and art.” Probably the best representation of that, the Voyager Golden Records were an important component of the mission, and will also feature in the presentation by WindSync. These records were attached to both probes and contain images, natural sounds, and even music from Earth that, should any extraterrestrial civilization exist and happen upon the probes, would give a preliminary look at our planet and some of its distinct features.

To hear more about the program and what else WindSync has in store for this season, listen to my conversation with Kara LaMoure and WindSync flautist Garrett Hudson above!

Voyager – Music of Space and NASA will be at the MATCH on Friday, October 27th at 8 PM. You can find tickets here.