Encore Houston

Encore Houston, Episode 29: Houston Chamber Choir

The Houston Chamber Choir performs J.S. Bach’s immense Mass in B minor.

Choir and orchestra in South Main Baptist Church
The Houston Chamber Choir with orchestra in Houston’s South Main Baptist Church

On this week’s Encore Houston, the Houston Chamber Choir and an orchestra of local musicians bring Bach back to life with a rousing performance of his monumental Mass in B minor. Before there were symphonies and operas, settings of the Latin Mass were the most prominent creative milestones for composers, dating back to at least the fourteenth century. And even centuries later, they are among several composers’ best known works with popular settings from Mozart, Verdi, Durufle, and Britten. This mass by Bach is among his latest completed works, and is considered not only one of his greatest pieces, but among some of the greatest music in the classical canon.

  • JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, Mass in B minor
  • Performance date: 4/1/2017
  • Originally aired: 7/22/2017

New episodes of Encore Houston air Saturdays at 10 PM, with a repeat broadcast Sundays at 4 PM, all on Houston Public Media Classical.



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