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Classical Classroom, Ep. 171: Strange Loop, With Jessica Meyer

Hear the story of a musician with something to say.

Jessica Meyer with looping pedal
Jessica Meyer with looping pedal

Violist, composer, and educator Jessica Meyer has a unique story in the classical music world; it starts with a viola, and ends with a viola, but goes a lot of unpredictable places in between. Hear the story of her creative journey from focused specialist to Renaissance woman, and hear some of her incredible music along the way.

Music in this episode (all written and performed by Jessica Meyer):

  • “Source of Joy”
  • “The dappled light just beyond her skin…” 
  • “But Not Until” (viola and cello duo feat. Andrew Yee)
  • “Released”

Audio production by Todd “Electrotodd” Hulslander with unplugging by Dacia Clay and assistance from Mark DiClaudio.


Dacia Clay

Dacia Clay

Host/Producer, Classical Classroom; Web Editor, Arts & Culture

Dacia began her career in public radio as the Audio Librarian for Houston Public Media (then KUHF) in 2009. She earned her Master of Library Science degree from the University of North Texas' School of Library and Information Science, where she focused on special collections (thanks to the sage advice...

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