Encore Houston

Encore Houston, Episode 15: Context

Context presents music from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, embodying the new trends in music as Romanticism began to fade.

Self-portrait sketch of Arnold Schoenberg
Arnold Schoenberg, self-portrait, 1908.

On this latest episode of Encore Houston, Context returns with their concert “The Twilight of Romanticism.” The Romantic era of classical music covers most of the nineteenth century and somewhat the early part of the twentieth in the form of post-Romanticism. This subset of Romanticism stayed true to the florid and highly expressive style that earlier composers like Chopin and Schumann worked in, but also looked ahead to the ever-changing future of music and adopted new ideas. In fact, in Arnold Schoenberg’s Six Little Pieces for piano, you’ll hear an entirely new approach to music (at the time) called atonality, where the traditional rules of harmony are eschewed in favor of a new means of expression. Also on the concert are one of Mahler’s few surviving chamber works, an early piano quintet by Webern (a student of Schoenberg), and chamber music by Korngold commissioned by the famous pianist and amputee Paul Wittgenstein.

  • GUSTAV MAHLER, Quartet for piano and strings
  • ARNOLD SCHOENBERG, Six Pieces for piano four-hands
  • SCHOENBERG, Six Little Pieces for piano
  • ANTON WEBERN, Piano Quintet
  • KORNGOLD, Suite for 2 violins, cello, and piano left-hand
  • Performance date: 2/26/2017
  • Originally aired: 4/15/2017

New episodes of Encore Houston air Saturdays at 10 PM, with a repeat broadcast Sundays at 4 PM, all on Houston Public Media Classical.


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