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Video: Behind The Mic With Rap Artist Fat Tony

Inside the mind of the Houston-born rapper as he prepares for one of the biggest performances of his career.

Rapper Fat Tony, who is from Houston’s Third Ward, takes us on a tour of his mind.

While preparing for a one-of-a-kind show, he discusses his hometown roots, his craft, and performing live. Compared to other rap artists from Houston, he says some find his music “weird.”

It’s certainly unconventional. But, for Fat Tony, that is 100 percent intentional. (The rhyming was accidental. I’ll leave the lyric writing to Fat Tony.)

Watch as he gets ready to perform at Day For Night, an epic music-visual arts festival that happens every year in Houston’s downtown.

This story appeared on Arts InSight, airing Friday nights at 8:30 on Houston Public Media TV 8. Want to see more? You can stream full performances by Fat Tony and other artists on VuHaus.