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Arts InSight

Video: Recycled Materials, New Age Talent

A Houston artist utilizes his disability to create expressive works of art.

As a child, Grant Maniér struggled with anxiety that stemmed from his autism and tearing paper became his coping mechanism. As time went on, Maniér discovered he could use that soothing habit of tearing and cutting paper to create masterpieces using all sorts of reused materials as his medium. His mother, Julie Coy-Maniér has been his biggest champion and has been overjoyed to watch her son work with his autism and grow as an artist. The “Eco-Artist” supplies his passion with torn paper and discarded puzzle pieces to create his works, which can take over a month to make. Like many talented creators, the Houston-based artist revels most in his work when he finally finishes and signs his name on his pieces. The “Eco-Artist” appreciates that his talent has opened many doors for him and wants to do the same for others. In the future, Maniér hopes to open a gallery that showcases art created by those with special needs.

This video segment will air as part of the program Arts InSight on Friday, February 24th, 8:30pm, on Houston Public Media – TV 8.