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Video: Three Dimensions Of North Korea

An immersive photography exhibition offers a rarely seen glimpse at life in the infamously restricted country.


Born in the former Yugoslavia, photographer Matjaz Tancic was granted unusual access to one of the most restricted countries in the world, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). Traveling with official guides, Tancic was allowed to capture portraits of everyday people in public and working environments, which is even more unusual for a country that has a history of limiting its world persona to images of military marches and state-organized events. More unusual still, Tancic works in 3D, taking the same photograph from slightly different angles to make a stereoscopic image, and the photographs are meant to be viewed through 3D glasses, giving each image a playful, intimate and immersive quality. The resulting exhibition, 3DPRK, brings into startling focus a country that the rest of the world views with blurred vision. Asia Society Texas Center curator and director of exhibitions Bridget Bray talks about the one-of-a-kind project.

3DPRK is on view through February 26 at Asia Society Texas Center.

This video segment will air as part of the program Arts InSight on Friday, February 3, 8:30pm, on Houston Public Media – TV 8.

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