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Arts InSight

Video: Homes In The Heights Get Illustrated

From postcards to posters, artist, Dalia Rihani, illustrates her appreciation for homes in the Heights.


Design artist, Dalia Rihani’s eye for architecture led her to transform Heights homes…in her own creative way. A combination of life events led Rihani to this “Home of the Heights” project. As a surprise birthday gift to her fiancé, Rihani, wanted to draw their Heights home as a keepsake. A love for her neighborhood’s unique architectural designs, she fell in love with the idea of drawing more homes. So, when Rihani found herself working at a more strategic – rather than creative – role at a tech company, she felt that she was losing a bit of her creativity: “I needed some sort of outlet outside of my time to make sure those creative juices were still flowing, so I started this, ‘Home of the Heights’ project.” A year later she had found herself illustrating numerous homes in the Heights to the delight and request of her neighbors. Rihani says, “The reactions to the homes have just been overwhelming. I am so honored that people like what I’m doing and that people like them enough to want to put those prints in their home and kind of show-off that part of the home that makes them unique. And people in the Heights just have such a pride in their homes. And it’s just really cool to see that and really cool that people want to keep preserving that history.”

This is a segment from an upcoming episode of Arts InSight. See the full episode Friday, January 27 at 8:30pm on Houston Public Media’s TV8.