Arte Público Press December 2016 Author Of The Month: Dr. Nicolás Kanellos

Dr. Nicolás Kanellos, Founder and Director of Arte Público Press, delights and challenges children and adults with his new bilingual book of tantalizing tongue twisters.

Photo of Doctor Nicolas Kanellos, Author of The Tongue Twister Tournament
Dr. Nicolas Kanellos, Author of The Tongue Twister Tournament

In his new bilingual children’s book The Tongue Twister Tournament/El torneo de Trabalenguas, Dr. Nicolás Kanellos brings us a flashy contest featuring braggadocios competitors and mouth-wrenching poems.

Lizard Tongue and Grumpy Grandma deliver tales of twisted tongues and raggedy cats. Fuchi Futbolista bounces Beto’s soccer ball along with a flurry of B’s. Papá Papagallo tames a trio of tired tigers. Jaco Jaqueton observes roofer Maria Marufa roofing her own house. El Chupacabra is on the prowl for cows, cats, doggies and even US! Tiny Tina Tinita tames her taller competitors with her tale of Petey Parakeet.

Houston Public Media’s Eric Ladau spoke with Dr. Kanellos.

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Eric Ladau

Eric Ladau


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