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Video: Ready For Holidays? Here’s A Feast For Your Eyes Only

From oven-browned chicken to chocolate candies, Houston artist Henri Gadbois is dishing out some culinary delights with zero calories.  

One look at Houston artist and Bayou Bend docent Henry Gadbois’ culinary treats makes locals want to dig in. He has shelves full of different goods including oysters, pecan pie and even a boar’s head! Many wonder how he is able to have so much food that will never expire. We visited his display at Bayou Bend and his workshop to learn more about his works.

See more of his faux food creations at his website.

  • Christmas Pye (Photo Credit: Henry Gadbois)
    Christmas Pye (Photo Credit: Henry Gadbois)
  • Fruit Basket
    Fruit Basket
  • Bayou Bend dining table
    Bayou Bend dining table
  • Bayou Bend
    Bayou Bend
  • Boiled tongue
    Boiled tongue
  • Mt. Vernon dining table
    Mt. Vernon dining table

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