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Video: Painting By Numbers

Susie Rosmarin makes flickering, eye-catching works using a mathematic system.

Susie Rosmarin uses mathematical formulas and algorithms to create artworks that trick the eye into seeing flickering movement through color gradation and geometric patterns. The intricate line paintings are achieved not through digital or mechanical means, but through a delicately layered system of applying tape and paint to canvas. Rosmarin talks about her artistic trajectory and what inspired her interest in geometric abstraction and op-art.

Rosmarin’s work is currently on view at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston as part of the exhibition Right Here, Right Now: Houston, Volume 2, which runs through November 27, 2016. recently ranked Rosmarin at #2 in its list of the Top Ten Artists in Texas.

This story appears on the program Arts InSight, which airs Friday, November 11, 8:30pm on Houston Public Media TV 8.