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Video: The Painted Life Of John Palmer

Houston artist John Palmer has traveled the world. He creates abstract, painted works on canvas, wood and even metal. The evolution of his style forged what he now calls “escapism.”

Local Houston artist John Ross Palmer has found a way to channel his energy and creativity onto the canvas in front of him, “[T]he importance of art is what happens when the art’s being made..,” he says. And when someone collects one of his works, what are they actually purchasing? “They get to involve themselves in the passion of the artist by having that time capsule of creation,” he says. Palmer invited the Arts InSight crew into his home studio to learn about how he sees the creative process playing out every day. His answer to life’s problems is simple, “[A]s long as you’re always making more art,” he says with a smile, “everything will work out.” John will be profiled Friday night, November 4th at 8pm on Arts InSight on Houston Public Media TV 8.


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Ernie Manouse

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