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Theater District Open House: Unique Performances With SPA

Ernie Manouse previews the upcoming season of the Society for the Performing Arts with Marcus Powers.

Society for the Performing Arts is one of the many organizations that will be featured at the TransCanada Theater District Open House this year, and with this upcoming season being the group’s 50th, Public Relations Manager Marcus Powers says that SPA’s aim was to “look back on our past… [and] rich history over 50 years of bringing the world’s best to Houston… we also wanted to make sure we didn’t just rely on what we’ve brought. We want to bring new and interesting things…”

In conversation with Houston Public Media’s Ernie Manouse, Powers says that one of the things that makes SPA unique is that they “bring stuff from all over the world… from literally every continent, and [they] get the chance to, because of that, bring a huge variety of things from dance to performing arts to singers.” And this variety certainly shows in the upcoming season which includes Parsons Dance, Smokey Robinson, David Sedaris, and numerous other acts.

One of the big highlights of the season is the visually ambitious Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus. From the producers of the hit magic show The Illusionists and the puppeteers of War Horse on Broadway, Circus 1903 illustrates the classic circus shows of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with impressive stunts and perhaps even more impressive animal puppets, which Powers describes as “incredibly real.”

For the Theater District Open House on August 28th, SPA will present Percussion One at 11:45 AM outside of Jones Hall just before the day’s main festivities begin at noon. There will also be a number of performances by a cast member from STOMP throughout the day in Jones Hall, and PBS favorite Daniel Tiger will also make an appearance as well. The full schedule of events can be found at the Open House website.