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Video: The Beauty Of Paper

Self-taught Houston artist Balushka creates intricate, three-dimensional, floral installations from paper, lace, and crystals.

From a childhood surrounded by paper at her parent’s Ukraine printing business, Houston-based artist Balushka fell into her passion of creating beautiful, three-dimensional paper flowers. Calling upon her experience in the fashion industry and her knowledge of geometry (acquired while earning a degree in Mathematics), Balushka builds intricate, handmade pieces of decor that adorn weddings, festivals, art galleries, fashion shows, and private homes around the world.

Balushka prides herself in transforming flat paper into extraordinary three-dimensional art pieces that speak the international “language of love.” By utilizing different weights, colors, and patterns of paper, plastic, or metal, Balushka builds the bases of the flowers and embellishes their unique, elaborate centers with crystals, pearls, and lace.

Check out the self-taught, paper florist’s interview with Arts InSight and the process behind creating her stunning flowers in the video below.

To see more images of her art pieces, installations, and her jewelry collection, visit Balushka’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

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This segment originally aired in the June 24, 2016 episode of Arts InSight on TV 8.