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Video: Molding Life’s Journeys

Houston artist, Cristina Carfora, confronts the effects of modern technology on remote cultures, through her travel-inspired art.

How do you combine social change with art? Ask Christina Carfora, Houston’s travel-energized, sculptural ceramic artist, who creates her stunningly detailed pieces to start conversations about technology’s effects on remote cultures.

Carfora’s work begins with real people and experiences from her numerous travels to remote communities in Indonesia, Cambodia, Costa Rica and more. Her life-size sculptures build from her passionate drawings and photography created during her trips and tell the story of those effected by what Carfora describes as “the dance between change and preservation.”

From her haunting sculpture telling the tale of an orangutan’s stolen hand to the ominous sculpture and shadow instillation demanding attention to the story of extinct passenger pigeons, Carfora’s works address issues she is personally confronted with during her travels and bring light to the rapidly growing effects of new technologies.

Arts InSight caught a glimpse of Carfora’s studio and the process behind her stunning work in the video below.

Since her childhood in Wisconsin full of road trip-summers, Carfora has developed a wanderlust that fuels her inspiration. Carfora’s website showcases her aptitude with many mediums including her life-size sculptures of humans and animals, drawings that mimic the style of past natural history explorers, wall tablets that evoke child-like curiosity, and photographs that ignite the traveler in all of us.

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This segment originally aired in the July 1, 2016 episode of Arts InSight on TV 8.