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Video: Multi-Instrumentalist Artist ‘-Us.’ Performs Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

Watch Houston’s Avery Davis perform The Purple One’s first top-40 hit.

23 year-old Avery Davis says he was introduced to the music of Prince at an early age. “I think I got different eras of Prince kind of, I don't know, fed to me as a child,” he says. For his solo project -Us., Davis takes inspiration from Prince’s prowess as a multi-instrumentalist. “It was like, wow, it is actually possible to make music without exactly having a band, and record stuff on my own.” Prince famously played every instrument on his self-titled 1979 breakout album. Avery Davis visited Houston Public Media’s Geary Studio to record Prince’s 1979 single “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” which was also Prince’s first top-40 hit.

This video is included on the TV special Skyline Sessions: The Prince Edition, airing Friday, May 20, 8:30pm, on TV 8.

Below, watch vintage video of Prince’s 1979 lip-sync performance of “I Wanna Be Your Lover” on American Bandstand (includes a hilariously awkward interview with Dick Clark).


Troy Schulze

Troy Schulze

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