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National Poetry Month: “Washing Machine” By Mary Wemple

The Houston poet imagines the secret life of a washing machine.

Poet and visual artist, Mary Wemple, is the creator and coordinator of Words & Art, a reading series of poetry and prose inspired by the art at Rice University Art Gallery. 

She reads her poem “Washing Machine,” written in response to seeing the installation Salon of Beauty by Los Angeles artist Ana Serrano at Rice Gallery in 2011.  Serrano created a miniature neighborhood filled with playful, colorful cardboard sculptures of homes, porches, stores and other urban and domestic details.  Against a wall stood a single washing machine, sans dryer, and that’s where Mary Wemple’s poem began.

To learn more about this series, go here.


Catherine Lu

Content Producer & Announcer

While growing up in Chicago and Houston, Catherine’s love for art, music and creative writing was influenced by her teachers and parents. She was once concertmaster of the Clear Lake High School Orchestra and a four-time violinist of the Texas All-State Symphony. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Catherine...

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