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Video: Who Is The Definitive American Woman?

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders talks about his documentary “American Masters: The Women’s List,” premiering Sept. 25 on TV 8.

World-renowned photographer and filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders sat down with Houston Public Media to talk about his latest documentary/portrait series The Women’s List, a look at 15 women who have created and defined American culture. The list includes notable celebs like Alicia Keys, Edie Falco, Shonda Rhimes and Betsey Johnson, as well as lesser-known names like Aimee Mullins, a double-amputee athlete and fashion model, and Nia Wordlaw, an African-American airline pilot from Pearland, Texas. Greenfield-Sanders describes the film as a series of “talking portraits,” in which his subjects are allowed to show sides of their personalities free from promotional responsibilities. The film is the eighth installment of Greenfield-Sanders’ ongoing “List” project, which includes The Black List, The Latino List, and The Out List.

The Women’s List premieres as part of the PBS series American Masters on Friday, September 25, 9pm, on Houston Public Media TV 8.

Post-broadcast, you can watch the film online at

American Masters: The Women’s List is a production of Perfect Day Films in association with THIRTEEN.


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Troy Schulze

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