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Visual Art

Video: ‘Whispering Bayou’ At The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Explore the Brays Bayou watershed in an immersive and ethereal video installation.

image of Whispering Bayou
Troy Schulze
Video image of Whispering Bayou.
Multimedia artist and filmmaker Carroll Parrott Blue talks about Whispering Bayou, an immersive, interactive video installation she created in collaboration with sound artist Jean-Baptiste Barriere and computer-interactive artist George Lewis. The multi-channel video triptych explores the environment of Houston’s Brays Bayou watershed, home to nearly 750,000 people, many of whom are immigrants. The imagery is haunting, ethereal and impressionistic, combining a watery motif with interview footage of the area’s residents, enmeshed with the interactive element that captures the motion of viewers moving through the gallery.

Whispering Bayou is on view through November 1st at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.