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Third Coast Composing

Meet Jeff Walton, a Houston-based film composer and original member of the Judy’s.

Jeff Walton
Jeff Walton. Image courtesy of the artist.

The term “Third Coast” is often used to talk about media created around the Gulf Coast (as apposed to California or New York); this, of course, includes Houston-based productions. While most media in the U.S. – especially film and television – is created in Los Angeles, as producers like to be in proximity to the people working on their films, and Houston is not known as a hotbed of filmmaking, things are changing. Thanks to technology, working remotely on a production is now very possible.

Jeff Walton is a Houston-Based composer, writing exclusively for film and television. And he’s been doing it for 25 years. 

The Judy's
The Judy’s. Image courtesy of Jeff Walton.

Jeff began his musical career when, in 1979 at the age of sixteen, he recorded his first record with a group of high school friends from Pearland. By 1981, The Judy’s had become a ground-breaking, minimalist, New Wave trio. They played sold out shows, opening for the likes of The B-52’s and Talking Heads, and selling an impressive number of records throughout Texas. The band released two critically acclaimed albums, Washarama (1981) and The Moo Album (1985). 

By 1987, the original members of The Judy’s had gone their separate ways. While studying music at the University of Houston, Walton began to pursue writing music for film. He got his first real break in 1992 with a low-budget action movie, Fatal Justice, and soon more work followed. As of today, Walton has scored thirty feature films and has written music for numerous television projects, documentaries, anime, radio, and commercials.

This weekend on Music from the Movies, we’ll talk with Jeff Walton about his career and explore some of his scores.

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