Skyline Sessions

Video: Two Star Symphony Performs In The Geary Studio

Houston’s nationally-acclaimed, all-original music ensemble unpacks a work initially composed for theater.

Margaret Lejeune

John Duboise

Jo Bird

Jerry Ochoa

Debra Brown

Two Star Symphony members

Modern instrumental ensemble Two Star Symphony formed roughly a decade ago in Houston, creating music that explores the darker range of human emotion and often accompanies macabre and wicked narratives. The group has composed scores for silent films, as well as music for theatrical productions and dance performances. Earlier this year, Two Star released its third album, Seven Deadly Sins, which imagines each sin as a separate instrumental composition.

The group visited Houston Public Media’s Geary Studio to record “Water,” a piece originally composed for a 2008 production of Bertolt Brecht’s Good Woman of Setzuan, presented by the University of Houston’s School of Theatre and Dance. But as the group jokes, the work would also be “perfect for an Audi commercial.”

Photos (clockwise from top left): John Duboise; Margaret Lejeune; Jo Bird; Debra Brown; Jerry Ochoa, Debra Brown, and Jo Bird; Jerry Ochoa. Thumbnail: Margaret Lejeune. All photos by Troy Schulze.