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Visual Art

Video: Masks From Sherry Tseng Hill

Houston artist Sherry Tseng Hill re-purposes materials to create bright, multicultural masks.


Sherry Tseng Hill says she’s been to nearly every computer store in town, but she’s not looking for the latest desktop, laptop or tablet. She’s looking for empty shipping boxes, which she uses to create unique masks.

“I started making these masks about two years ago,” Hill says. “But the idea had been simmering in my head a long time.”

And Hill, who considers herself a preservationist, is open to using any materials she can find when it comes to creating her works.

“I think most artists are collectors,” Hill states. “They see beauty in things that would otherwise be in the dumpster.”

This story aired on TV 8’s Arts Insight, which can be seen Thursdays at 8 p.m.