Classical Classroom

Classical Classroom, Episode 21: Joel Luks On The Fierce And Foxy Flute

CultureMap Houston’s Joel Luks is a classical trained flutist. He teaches why the flute is versatile and generally awesome.

Joel Luks
Joel Luks. Photo by Nicole Clarfield. Courtesy

Okay. So our HAL 9001 hasn’t come in yet, and you’re getting another rerun episode. But dang – it’s a good one! And! We have so much new stuff we can’t wait to share with you once HAL arrives. Stick with us!


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All about the flute!! Joel Luks, CultureMap Houston editorial staffer and columnist, and classically trained flutist, teaches all about the history and surprising range of the dainty, lovely, badass, whale-sound-making, beatboxing flute. He takes us from “Carmen” to Mario Brothers (and a few other places in between).

Audio production by Todd “2 Fast, 2 Furious” Hulslander with adequate hydration by Dacia Clay.