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Video: Houston Designer Makes Statement At New York Fashion Week

18-year-old fashion designer and high school student Amir Taghi presents his designs at New York Fashion Week.

Arts InSight segment about designer Amir Taghi. Full episode airs this Thursday.

Designer Amir Taghi has been making waves for years now in Houston with fashions that blend sophistication with Southern elegance. This is quite a feat, since he’s only 18. At New York Fashion Week earlier this year, the rest of the country had a chance to check out his work. Between studying for his high school classes and filling out college applications, Amir finds the time to do what he loves the most, creating unique fashion designs for women.

Model in fashion by designer Amir Taghi
Bold look from 18-year-old designer Amir Taghi’s Spring/Summer 2015 clothing line. Photo by Cody Bess.

At 15, Taghi started his first collection. He was thrilled when famed retailer Tootsies began carrying his collection. Last summer he was honored to intern with famed designer, Oscar de la Renta. About this experience, Amir says, “What I took away from my internship at Oscar de la Renta was really sticking to my passion and going with it and pursuing it as hard as I can. Oscar, while he was there, would pretty much go to work every single day and it showed his determination to really like show what he really loves. And I took that away from it. And like showing that if I love fashion then I should really stick to it and work on it every single day; do my job every single day and do it to the best of my ability.”

This story airs on TV 8’s Arts InSight on November 27, 2014 at 7pm. 

Model in fashion by designer Amir Taghi
Another look from Taghi’s Spring/Summer 2015 clothing line. Photo by Cody Bess.