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Noël Coward’s “Peace In Our Time” At Main Street Theater

What if the Nazis had won the Battle of Britain?

Noël Coward, 1972
Noël Coward, 1972.

Written in 1946, and inspired by Noël Coward’s experiences of the occupation of France by the Nazis, Peace in Our Time imagines Britain, having lost the Battle of Britain, overrun by the Germans.

Set in a pub in London in 1940, the play follows a group of the pub’s patrons as they adjust to the new reality of their lives.

Coward himself commented on the play, “The idea of Peace in Our Time was conceived in Paris shortly after the Liberation. . .I began to suspect that the physical effect of four years intermittent bombing is far less damaging to the intrinsic character of a nation than the spiritual effect of four years enemy occupation.”

Peace in Our Time is on stage at Main Street Theater in Rice Village through October 19th

Rutherford Cravens, who plays pub owner Fred Shattock, talks with Houston Public Media’s St.John Flynn about this unusual Coward play.


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