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Classical Classroom

Classical Classroom, Episode 63: The Trumpet Lesson (with video)

It’s a bird dying! No! It’s our host, playing the trumpet!



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Varieties of trumpet and mutes
Varieties of trumpet and mutes. Photo by Dacia Clay.

This episode does double duty: teaches you all about the trumpet and trumpet playing, while carrying out the secondary mission of Classical Classroom, i.e., the humiliation of the show’s host. Trumpet players George Chase and Jason Adams of the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra teach host and former trumpet player, host Dacia, a trumpet lesson. Along the way, they say all kinds of important things about the history of the instrument. Plus, there are duck calls!

Audio production by Todd “Ah!” Hulslander with running and hiding by Dacia Clay.

Music in this episode:
– Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major Mvt. 3 -Bach played by the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra
– Duo No. 1 by Chris Gecker played by George Chase and Jason Adams

For more about the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra:
For more about George Chase, check that very same link.
For more about Jason Adams:

But wait! There’s more! In case you didn’t get enough trumpet in Episode 63, this short is for you! Trumpet players George Chase and Jason Adams tell what the daily life of the trumpet player is like, and bring out the gadgets: Mutes and trumpet varieties galore.

Oh, but we’re not done yet: You can see video – yes, video! – of George and Jason giving Dacia a trumpet lesson right here! Special thanks, by the way, to videographer Troy Schulze for his help with this outtake. 

Trumpet players George Chase and Jason Adams give Classical Classroom host, Dacia Clay, a trumpet lesson.

Article thumbnail image: (L-R) Trumpet players George Chase and Jason Adams. Photo by Dacia Clay.