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VIDEO: A Marriage Of Textile Creation And Fashion Design

Fabric artist, Kate de Para marries her love of textile design and fashion.

Arts InSight segment on fabric artist, Kate de Para.

Recently named Best Designer of the Year by the Houston Press, fabric artist Kate de Para threads together her love of textile creation with design, resulting in a line of unique garments. During her last semester as an undergraduate, which she spent in Florence, Italy, a professor encouraged de Para to look into textile design as a career. This encouragement opened de Para’s eyes to the possiblity of wedding her loves of design and quality fabric. She says that, “[a] lack in the marketplace as a consumer and a as a woman for something that I want[ed] to buy” led her to begin her own clothing and accessory line, EVENS

Artist Kate DePara at work in her studio
De Para at work in her studio (video still from segment)

This video is a segment from an upcoming episode of Arts InSight on October 23rd at 7pm on TV-8.




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