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My Classical Music New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2014 everyone! I feel like it's been ages. You all look great. Well rested.

So, I don't know about you, but I have been busy making my New Year's resolutions [see pic above]. One of them is to go to more classical music concerts. But, I can't decide which to go to. So, I need your help!

Want for me to come to your concert? Convince me! Here's how:

– Submit a 1-2 minute recording of your classical music group/org/laptop-based experimental classical music project to this DropBox:
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Send me your sounds – Next, drop me a line at Make sure to include the following in the email:
— Your organization or group's name
— Details about the performance
— How to get in touch with you
— Why you think I should come to your show.

If I'm going to come to your show, I'll be in touch! Looking forward to some good shows in the new year. I will make sure to bring my lighter and glow sticks.