Classical Classroom


A little history on this one: Listener John S. has written in a couple of times wanting to know why we weren't covering Beethoven!? When we posted last week's episode, I had a feeling I might hear from him. :)

Hey Dacia,
Congrats! I was so excited to find the Beethoven episode. And that was an excellent choice– the 7th symphony 2nd movement is very famous, and rightly so I think! I'm glad you were able to get a sense of Beethoven's depth, or profundity. I hope there will be many more– you have so much good music to get to know!!
John S.
Galveston, Tx
PS– too bad you didn't have more time. The whole 7th symphony is full of wonderful melodies and rhythms, and the last few seconds are like pure joy.


I totally thought of you when we posted that episode and hoped you’d catch it. And, you’ll be happy to hear that there is more Beethoven coming up! We’ve already recorded another episode on the Missa Solemnis that we’ll be posting next month-ish. I’m totally in awe. That 7th symphony gives me chills. Love it.

Hope you’re doing well, and glad you caught the episode!