Classical Classroom

Election music!

Election day was yesterday. Results are still trickling in from some polling locations, and run-off elections are in motion. Candidate yard signs are everywhere. The news is chock full o' who won what office and who lost. It all makes me wonder: What would Beethoven do? Or Mozart? Or Tchaikovsky? What does classical music have to say about poltics? As it turns out, a lot. Check out these resources to find out more!

“Classical music for voting…” from the Well-Tempered Ear blog (music to get you pumped for voting in those run-offs)

“Top Five Politically Outspoken Classical Musicians” from WQXR

“Politics and classical music make uneasy bedfellows” from the Guardian

“Until the Next Revolution” from the New York Times

“Composers’ Politcal Compass” from