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Spoooky Classical Music!

Happy Halloweeeeen everyone! Here at Classical Classroom, we really get in to the holidays. We just love this time of year. Mostly because it is no longer 100 degrees outside and we can wear long sleeves again. But also because everybody gets so festive. It's so awesome to see everyone get into the spirit of things that it makes us want to listen to music! I found some great articles about spooky classical music for Halloween that will help you get your creep on. Check it out!

“What are the scariest pieces of classical music?” from the Guardian

“Musical Mayhem: Top 5 Creepy Classics” from NPR Music

“The 13 scariest pieces of classical music for Halloween” from Limelight

Ooh! And check out this creepy music video from local favorites of Classical Classroom, Two Star Symphony:

If you’re not thoroughly spooked by now, you may be a zombie. Watch your head!