Classical Classroom

Trombonists make good suggestions, too!

Listener Matt W., a trombonist from Lousiana writes:

Hi Dacia!
I love your podcast, Classical Classroom.  It is excellent, excellent stuff.  
I think you would really like Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique.  The fourth and fifth movements are like the Alice Cooper and Gwar of the nineteenth century.  Plus it has a great background story that I think would work well on the program.
I would like to make a small request, too.  I wish you would give credit to the orchestra, conductor, or other performers directly on the show.  The Saint Saens and the Debussy podcasts were great because your guests brought up the musicians themselves.
Keep up the great work!
Matt W.

Hi Matt,

A) You are awesome and thank you, and B) this is a great idea. I’ll definitely start crediting orchestras, conductors, etc. on the show. I’ll also post more specific information and links on each article’s web article.

Keep up the awesomeness!