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Audio Engineer Todd Hulslander’s Top 10 Favorite Classical Pieces

As you might guess, Classical 91.7 announcers are huge classical music fans. We asked them to tell us what their all-time favorite pieces are, and why. Each week during Public Radio Music Month, we'll post their "desert island" lists – pieces so essential, they'd be happily stranded with them on a desert island. (As long as they also had adequate food, shelter, and running water.)

Check out Audio Engineer, Grammy nominee, and man of few words, Todd Hulslander's list here!

1. Shostakovich Piano Trio No. 2:  Because it sounds like rock music.

2. Fanfare for a Common Man:  Used to love to play it when I used to play trombone.

3. Carmina Burana:  Because it is soothing with beautiful harmonies.

4. Mozart Requiem:  Very intense, like having my life flash before my eyes.

5. Bach Goldberg Variations:  Helps me focus.

6. Shostakovich Symphony No. 5:  This is just awesome start to finish.

7. Bach Unaccompanied Cello suites: Simple but beautiful.

8. Elgar Enigma Variations:  Makes me think of different people through out my life.

9. Beethoven 7: Because it reminds me of my wife.

10. Tom Waits Beautiful Maladies – The Island Years:  Classical music for all time.