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C.C. Conner of the Houston Ballet Loves Classical Music!

Houston Ballet's Managing Director Emeritus, C.C. Conner celebrates Public Radio Music Month with Classical 91.7! Read his story of growing up with classical music here!

I don’t remember how I discovered classical music since it was a part of my life from earliest childhood in our house. My grandmother had played piano for the silent movies, and I started piano lessons by the age of 6, added saxophone by age 9, flute at 12 and then cello in my 40’s. While I gave up the dream of becoming a professional musician by the age of 18, classical music has always been ever present in my life and is what led me into my jobs as an arts administrator. And Classical 91.7 is the first station on the auto select dial both in my car and in my house. It is my refuge and often my education, bringing me music that I haven’t known before, and keeping me ever learning with shows like “Performance Today” and “Exploring Music”. Classical 91.7 is also the refuge for our cat. When we are away, Classical 91.7 is still playing so the house doesn’t feel empty! I’m C.C. Conner, Managing Director Emeritus of Houston Ballet, and I’m celebrating Public Radio Music Month with Classical 91.7.