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Share Your Classical Music Story With Us!

How did you first discover classical music? We want to know your story! For more information about how to share it  with us, read on.

As you may have heard, it’s national Public Radio Music Month. One of the ways we’ve been celebrating is by telling the stories of how we first discovered classical music (you may have heard some of our stories on air). We want to know how you first came to love our favorite kind of music, and how Classical 91.7 plays a role in your musical life.


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Ways to share:

1. New to SoundCloud? Download the SoundCloud app to your iPhone or Android phone, then head over to our SoundCloud DropBox for more instructions, and hit “record”.

2. Want to use another means of recording? Click on the DropBox icon above and read the instructions there. Record the file using whatever means you like, and upload to our DropBox.

3. Already have a SoundCloud account? Click the DropBox icon above and read the instructions. Record your story to your own SoundCloud page, then click “Select an already uploaded file” at our DropBox site to upload from your page.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!