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Film Review: “RED”

(Summit Entertainment.  Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language.  Directed by Robert Schwentke.)  Bruce Willis (Frank Moses), Morgan Freeman (Joe Matheson), John Malkovich (Marvin Boggs), Helen Mirren (Victoria), Karl Urban (William Cooper), Mary-Louise Parker (Sarah Ross), Brian Cox (Ivan Simonov), Julian McMahon (Robert Stanton), Ernest Borgnine (Henry, the Records Keeper), James Remar (Gabriel Singer), Richard Dreyfuss (Alexander Dunning).  Music by Christophe Beck.


Had fun this summer with Sly Stallone and his group of fellow geezers in The Expendables?  Well the second group of AARP assassins has descended on us in RED.  Willis (55), Freeman (73), Malkovich (56) and Mirren (65) were once the CIA’s top agents.  Long retired, they’re forced to get the band back together when somebody (maybe even their former employer) tries to take them out with the you-know-too-much-to-live scenario.

Don’t let their Social Security checks fool you:  these guys swing back into action with the verve of years past.  Along for the destruction are Dreyfuss (62) and even Ernest Borgnine, who’s…well, let’s just say his first film was in 1951.  Mirren taking guys out with her Uzi while rockin’ a white ball gown:  hard to beat that.  And Malkovich’s I-don’t-remember-the-60s paranoiac is amusing.  The question is, will the older audience come out to see this one?  Don’t think too much about RED.  Just go with the flow.