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Film Review: “I Am Love (Io Sono L’Amore)”

(Magnolia Pictures. 2 hours. Rated R for sexuality and nudity. In Italian with English subtitles. Directed by Luca Guadagnino.) Tilda Swinton (Emma Recchi), Alba Rohrwacher (Elisabetta Recchi), Marisa Berenson (Allegra Recchi), Edoardo Gabriellini (Antonio Biscaglia), Pippo Delbono (Tancredi Recchi), Flavio Pacenti (Edoardo Recchi Jr.). Music by John Adams.

Atmospheric movie in the grand European tradition of leisurely pacing, OK if you don’t mind that nothing much happens until the second hour.

Tall, pale Swinton’s hard to overlook in any circumstance, certainly here among all these swarthy Italians. She’s Emma, a Russian who’s married a well-to-do businessman and raised a family in Milan. Trouble arises when her children begin to leave the nest; son Edo turns away from the family business to open a restaurant with his best friend Antonio. As Emma tries to handle these changes, she comes to examine her own life when she quickly falls into a passionate affair with Antonio. The best part of the movie is the use of John Adams’ music (no original score, just selections from his existing concert works). The performances are fine; the directing a bit self-conscious. Nice to see Marisa Berenson (under the radar since her 1970s heyday) as the matriarch of the family.