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The Front Row

The Front Row – DiverseWorks

In collusion with those daring imposters, The Yes Men, we propose outlandish solutions to various technological, societal and political problems while poking holes in the assumptions of corporate and governmental thinking. The exploits of The Yes Men are the subject of the current exhibition at DiverseWorks…

Andy Bichlbaum and his creative partner, Mike Bobano, are The Yes Men. Mr. Bichlbaum speak with KUHF’s Bob Stevenson in the gallery at DiverseWorks, which is presenting the first-ever exhibition documenting The Yes Men’s decade-long career of socio-political interventions into the board rooms of Corporate America and the halls of government. The show, Keep It Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with The Yes Men, is on view through June 5th in the DiverseWorks Art Space.  Listen Download