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The Front Row – Indo-American Association

We have a studio performance by two dancers who come from completely different cultural traditions, but who have discovered that they share a profound spiritual and aesthetic connection through their art. Pandit Chitresh Das, master of the classical style of Indian dance called "Kathak", and Jason Samuels Smith, known as "The World's Fastest Tap-Dancer" trade steps and rhythms, just as they'll be doing in their live stage show, India Jazz Suites, tonight at the Wortham Center..

Houston’s Indo-American Association presents India Jazz Suites, featuring the talents of Pandit Chitresh Das, master of the northern Indian style of classical dance known as Kathak and Jason Samuels Smith, “The World’s Fastest Tap-Dancer.” There’s one performance: tonight  in the Cullen Theater of downtown Houston’s Wortham Center. Das and Smith demonstrate some of their artistry in KUHF’s Geary Performance Studio in a session hosted by St. John Flynn.  Listen Download