The Front Row

The Front Row, Monday, 05/05/2010

We delve into Heavy Metal – no, not the loudest, most aggressive sub-category of rock music, but the amazingly creative hand-made objects fashioned out of IRON that are currently on display at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in its exhibition, Forged, Tempered, Quenched

Rebecca Frank and Hayley Woodward are members of an artists’ collective based in the state’s capital city, the Austin Metal Authority. KUHF’s Bob Stevenson speaks them and with Kenneth Schwarz, Master Blacksmith at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. They are three of the craft-artists whose pieces, hand-made of iron and steel, are included in the exhibition, Iron: Forged, Tempered, Quenched, which is on display, through Sunday only, at the Houston Center for Contemporary CraftListen Download