The Front Row

The Front Row, Wednesday, 04/28/2010

Choreographers Joe Celejv and Kiki Lucas tell us about the contemporary dance pieces they've contributed to the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company's National Dance Week program, Mixing It Up, Again!

Kiki Lucas is the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company‘s Resident Choreographer. Dancer-choreographer Joe Celej was formerly associated with Houston Met; he’s now a member of the Elisa Monte Dance ensemble in New York. They spoke with KUHF’s Catherine Lu. Ms. Lucas and Mister Celej created two of the five works that will be performed for the very first time when Houston Met presents Mixing It Up, Again, Friday night in the Cullen Theater of downtown Houston’s Wortham Center.  Listen Download

The Finals Concert and Awards Ceremony of the fifth annual Lois Alba Aria Competition, take place Sunday afternoon on the campus of Saint Thomas University. St. John Flynn gets together with Lois Alba and with one of her protégés, soprano Laura Aguera, a finalist in the 2008 Aria Competition in KUHF’s Geary Performance Studio.  Listen Download

KUHF’s Bob Stevenson speaks with Argentinean film-maker, Mariano Llinás, who wrote, directed and appears in his cinematic celebration of the art of the narrative, Extraordinary Stories. The movie will be screened one time only as part of the MFAH’s 5th annual Latin Wave Festival of new films from South of the Border. Seven other recently-released features from Mexico and Central and South America will be shown, beginning tomorrow evening at the Rice Cinema, and continuing through Sunday evening at the MFAH.  Listen Download