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Guess Who Slept Here

Forgive another post so soon after the last, but I’ve just discovered something about our hotel here in Verona I think is worth sharing. Mozart stayed here!

The Hotel Due Torri is in a 14th-century building known as the Palazzo dell’Aquila, and when Mozart rolled into town it was still a private residence. I don’t think he was here stealing the soap and shampoo!

Arriving at the hotel Wednesday evening, I didn’t notice the rather large marble plaque (pictured) on the wall in Reception.  Today however, dropping off my room key as I headed out to enjoy the sights of this medieval city, I glanced up at the plaque and tested out my rusty Italian by trying to translate what was written on it.

Imagine my surprise when I realized what it said; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed in this very building in January 1770.  The plaque in part reads: “In questo palazzo soggiorno nel gennaio 1770 Wolfango [sic] Amedeo Mozart.”

The 13-year-old Mozart and his father Leopold traveled to Italy in December 1769 and stayed until March 1771.  The trip was intended to showcase the teenager’s talents as both a performer and composer.  Father and son visited various Italian cities (Rome, Bologna) including apparently Verona too.  It was in nearby Milan later in 1770 that Mozart wrote his opera Mitridate, re di Ponto which premiered successfully at the Regio Ducal Teatro in the city on December 26th that year as part of the Milan Carnival festivities.

So, although I’m sure we didn’t share the same room, it’s thrilling enough to know that I am walking the same ground Mozart did.  Maybe some of his talent will rub off on me?

Oh, and Goethe stayed here too.  But he doesn’t have a plaque.