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Benvenuto a Venezia!

Well, we’ve finally arrived in La Serenissima and are settling down for a few days of fun as Venice celebrates Carnevale and the squares and alleyways are filled with masked revelers.


After a long and tiring journey to get here (10 hours from Houston to Frankfurt; 3-hour layover; and another hour-and-a-half to Venice), myself, Dean Dalton and 14 intrepid world travelers arrived in one of the most spectacular places on the planet.
Once I’d checked into my hotel, I went outside for a quick stroll and within literally 30 seconds of exiting the hotel I was in the Piazza San Marco and took this photo of the famed Campanile.  You see these sights in pictures, on TV and in movies all the time, and yet to see them in person is just incredible; their ubiquity in no way detracts from the “up close and personal” experience.
We are going out for dinner as a group this evening to La Zucca and then tomorrow morning, after what will, I am sure, be a very good night’s sleep, we take in a private lecture on Venetian painting and then depart to view the famous Tintorettos at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.  I’ll report back, I promise!