The Front Row

The Front Row, Monday, 02/01/2010

Journalist and best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, talks with us about her new memoir, Committed, in which she chronicles the year-long period in her life when she traveled East Asia with her Brazilian boyfriend while she wrestled with the fact that, in order for them to be together, she was going to have to overcome her strong objections to the idea of getting married again…

KUHF’s Bob Stevenson speaks with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the sort-of memoir and meditation on matrimony, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage. Ms. Gilbert discusses her new book this evening at7:30PM at Houston’s Alley Theatre. The event is a benefit for the Ucross Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports fresh and innovative thinking in the visual arts, literature, music and dance by providing studio space, living accommodations and undisturbed creative time to selected artists from around the world.  Listen Download

This is the final week for the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s Perspectives #168 exhibition, featuring recent pictorial images by Anna Krachey and two of her fellow Austin-based photographic artists, Jessica Mallios and Adam Schreiber. KUHF’s Bob Stevenson chats with Krachey about her work.  Listen Download