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DVD Review: “The Patty Duke Show (Season One)”

(Shout! Factory. 1963-64. 6 discs. 900 minutes. B&W. Not rated. Various directors.) Patty Duke, William Schallert, Jean Byron, Paul O’Keefe, Eddie Applegate.

Straight out of Brooklyn Heights are typical American teen Patty Lane and her identical cousin from Scotland, the cultured Cathy (both played by Duke). Along for the twin hi-jinks are Mom (Byron), Dad (Schallert), younger brother (O’Keefe), and Patty’s dullish boyfriend (Applegate). There was a warmth and openness to the 16-year-old Duke which was the show’s main appeal (along with that crazy-yet-catchy theme song, which I can still sing today). Series enjoyed a popular revival on Nick at Nite; there was a reunion show with the original cast in 1999. Season One guest stars included Margaret Hamilton, Paul Lynde, and teen idol Frankie Avalon. Look fast for a young John Spencer (The West Wing) in a couple of episodes. Box set includes a fun new featurette with Duke (now 63), Schallert (87), O’Keefe (58), and Applegate (74) reminiscing about the show (Byron died a few years ago at 80). Created by future-best-selling-novelist Sidney Sheldon, whose other big ’60s series was I Dream of Jeannie; he wrote most of the episodes for both. Season Two of Patty Duke is due February 9. “You can lose your mind.”