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DVD Review: “Rescue Me (Season Five, Volume One)”

(Sony. 2009. 3 discs. 451 minutes. 11 Episodes. Not rated. Various directors.) Denis Leary (Tommy Gavin), Mike Lombardi (Mike Silletti), Steven Pasquale (Sean Garrity), Andrea Roth (Janet Gavin), Callie Thorne (Sheila Keefe), Tatum O’Neal (Maggie), Adam Ferrara (Chief Nelson), Larenz Tate (Bart), Michael J. Fox (Dwight).

Popular FX series remains exciting in Season Five. Leary (star, co-creator, producer, and co-writer of most of the episodes) remains a dynamic lead as his character Tommy presides over the men of 62 Truck. He and his fellow New York City firefighters face personal issues as well as the continuing aftermath of 9/11. Tommy is dealing with the death of his father, his estranged wife Janet and son, and maintaining his sobriety; he gets a big surprise when he meets Dwight (Fox), the new man in Janet’s life. Sean faces a major health issue and tries to keep it secret from the rest of the crew, who are entering a questionable new business venture: opening a bar. Meanwhile Tommy’s former lover Sheila isn’t quite ready to let go. If you haven’t seen this series, be careful: you’ll get caught up in this well-written, well-acted drama with touches of humor. Heed the (lack of) rating: the frank language and adult situations aren’t meant for kids. Set extras include deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a featurette on stunts.