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Film Review: “Capitalism: A Love Story”

(Overture Films. 2 hours. Rated R for some language. Directed by and starring Michael Moore.) Music by Jeff Gibbs.


In his latest film, documentarian and rabble-rouser Michael Moore tackles capitalism with the thesis that it is a corrupt system that benefits the few at the expense of the many. Given the director, it’s better to approach this film as a cinematic editorial than unabashed truth. In deference to his previous movies, Capitalism seems very personal as Moore weaves his narrative through his life and the grim fate of his childhood home, Flint, Michigan. Moore’s knack for showmanship is present but toned-down, providing some entertaining scenes without disrupting the flow. Whether trying to decipher the enigma of Wall Street’s “derivatives,” informing us about “dead peasant insurance” or showing some eerily topical found footage of an ailing FDR, Moore deftly mixes gallows humor and genuine outrage. It is by no means a perfect movie, as some of his arguments are a bit specious, some cheap shots are taken (several at former President Reagan) and a few punches are pulled (especially with regards to President Obama), but Moore accomplishes something good: he gets you thinking. Love him or hate him, he’s laying the groundwork for a long-overdue discussion we all need to have.

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